Welcome to Oudmigrations

The oud has for centuries captivated poets, philosophers and musicians. Its pear-shaped form, the word ‘wood’ in its name (عودʿūd) and its much-mythologised origins, have been topics of intense discussion. But we hope that Oudmigrations can start to develop some new ways of approaching the oud, existing as a collaborative platform for presenting instruments and research about them.

The instrument featured here is one of the most exciting discoveries we have made so far. Long misrepresented as ‘Persian’, it is actually an oud from Damascus, made by a member of the most celebrated family of oud makers, Nahat. We are fascinated by the journey it made from Damascus to its home in London, and by the refinement of its craftsmanship.

You will find menus above linking you to the journeys and histories of several other selected ouds, and we will be adding to these gradually. Please follow Oudmigrations (below) to get updates on all our posts. And please get in touch if you would like to contribute with your own research.

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